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These paintings reflect a wide array of subject matter and include themes that are depicted through other artistic mediums.  Using mostly oils, casein, or acrylic on masonite, he painted numerous portraits and still-lifes.  Fred also was a prolific landscape painter and produced numerous seascapes and subject matter that reflected his travels through South America and the Orient. Later in life, Fred was drawn to the natural beauty around him in New Hampshire and painted numerous pictures of the forest and creeks by his home near Jaffrey or the majestic beauty of the nearby  Monadnock Mtn.  Fred’s unique perspective is reflected in the depiction of the subject matter, whether laborers taking a break from tedious work or the natural beauty of a stand of birch trees, the viewer is left with a lasting impression.  His ability to capture the moment through the use of contrasting colors or the hectic pace of a raging horse with bold strokes are the hallmark of his painting style.


The colors of the digital reproductions of these images may vary from the original paintings.

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